Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate a terminal?

In menu bar, select the option Manage > Terminals > Activate and provide the terminal ID.

Where can I find the terminal's ID?

The terminal ID is displayed as you start the application on your player (mini pc, smartphone, tablet etc). When you start the application, a screen as the following will be shown:

How can I see some content running in my terminal?

Once the player has been properly activated, for scheduling content to it just follow the steps below:

  1. Create your media through the options available on the menu Manage > Media. You can create many kinds of media: video, images, RSS (news), lottery results, weather forecast, daily horoscope, web page, message (custom template) and JSON web service;
  2. Create a playlist ( Manage > Playlists > Create ) and add the desired medias (which you've created in the previous step);
  3. Edit your terminal and select the playlist you've just created;